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Thermite Rail Welding

Grooved-Rail Weld

RAILTECH Welding & Equipment has developed  a full range of weld processes for most grooved-rail profiles  and grades available on the world market.

Each process has its own built-in technical features, and is therefore readily adaptable to different tramway-track configurations within a challenging urban environment.

Our product package consists of a crucible, a preheating line, and a weld kit including a thermite load plus a pair of moulds tailored to the profile and grade of the grooved rail for welding.

The product range available is extensive enough to cater to all the rail-connection (between  two grooved rails or between grooved rail and vignole rail) and repair-weld needs of customers.

A new technology  branded the SRG-N process has been developed by RAILTECH Welding & Equipment for Group-G rails to facilitate the work of welders.


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