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The RAILTECH rail saw offers the optimum solution for rapid and accurate rail-cutting.

This robustly-designed and powerfully-motorised saw is well suited to the most demanding trackwork sites.

It can be used for all rail types and rail grades:

  • Vignole rails
  • grooved rails
  • gantry-crane rails
  • metro guide-bars (supplied on request)

Each saw is supplied together with an arm rail-maintained by a clamp, so ensuring optimum cutting quality and simplicity.

The arm itself supports the saw and guides the cutting process, so resulting in an effortless and perfectly-perpendicular cut by the user.

The saw is fixed in reversible mode to the arm, which means it can quickly be switched round without risk of jamming.

The RAILTECH saw is also designed for use under appropriate safety conditions.

It incorporates a splash-guard that directs projections groundward. The saw will only start if mounted on the supporting arm.

The RAILTECH saw is available in three saw-disk versions:

  • Ø305 (12’’);
  • Ø355 (14’’);
  • Ø406 (16’’).
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