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RAILTECH offers a complete range of multi-purpose, user-friendly grinding implements.

Our different multi-purpose grinders consequently operate on all rail types both during maintenance work, after resurfacing by welding or after thermit-welding.

These machines can be worked with all types of grinding wheels, depending on the nature of the operations to be performed:

  • Reprofiling ;
  • Burring/Sawing ;
  • Polishing ;
  • Switch grinding ;
  • Grinding of tramway grooved rails.

To ensure optimum trackwork efficiency, these units are all portable (by a single operative) or transportable (on road or rail/road chassis).

Our different reprofiling machines are themselves designed to make grinding work as comfortable as possible. 

Our product range features reprofiling machines suitable for Vignole rails and tramway rails.

These lighweight machines wIth their handling arm can thus be positioned and become operational rapidly after deployment.

Tiltable at will, they can easily reprofile:

  • the running tread ;
  • the rail-head  (inner and outer) face ;
  • tramway rail grooves.

These machines are guided by rollers resting on the rail and incorporate an accurate forward-motion monitoring mechanism. Their reprofiling accuracy allows for perfect reproduction of Vignole rails and tramway rails alike.

Lastly the grinding stresses themselves are absorbed by the system, so making the machines all the easier to handle.

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