RAILTECH Welding & Equipment (RW&E) is the railway division of the DELACHAUX Group specialised in Thermit-Welding Techniques, Flash-Butt Welding Systems, Track Equipment and Electrification Systems.

RAILTECH Welding & Equipment  is a leading player on the world railway industrial stage, courtesy of not solely its expertise, the quality of its products and its technical solutions, but also of the   services provided to customers at all times.

For over a century RAILTECH has been a precursor in a variety of competency fields.

As  pioneers in technologies now in widespread use worldwide, our R&D Departments have authored and lodged several patents for innovations including , for example, the One-Shot Crucible(CJ) for Rail Thermit Welding, Sand Moulds with Felt Joints (JS), Hybrid Moulds (HYB) for worn rails, the highly-secure Thermit-Load Ignition System (STARTWEL), not to mention Rigid Catenaries  or Automatic Trolley Bases.

RAILTECH Welding & Equipment, the unchallenged leader in Rail Thermit –Welding technology, is present in all countries worldwide with its two Brands: RAILTECH and RAILTECH-PLÖTZ.

Several highly-successful fixed or itinerant workshops on Flash-Butt rail-welding have been devised and staged by our RAILTECH SYSTEMS & SERVICES (RSS) department.

In response to the track-related needs of operators, RAILTECH & MATWELD have developed a complete range of thermal, electric and hydraulic machines and tools.

Electrification packages for urban transit networks (metro, LRT, tramways) and tunnel sections are proposed by RAILTECH-KLK for Rigid Catenaries and by RAILTECH for conductor 3rd rails and power-supply bases .

RW&E, through its subsidiary company KLK ElectroMateriales, also develops products for specific applications: Electric Power Resistors for Loco-braking, Earthing or Harmonics Filtration, Earthing Equipment and Thermit-Connection Welds.

Several services are available, in the form of Intrack-Weld Training/Execution/Supervision, Non-Destructive Inspections (ISSTAF), etc.

RAILTECH Welding & Equipment is present across the 5 continents through its subsidiaries and marketing networks.

The Quality of our Products and Services are an unswerving pledge on the part of our Group. All our business units are ISO-9000-certified, and the most important among them ISO-14000-certified.

The DELACHAUX Group has adopted a Code of Ethics to which RAILTECH Welding & Equipment fully subscribes.